A better choice for your ED meds is finally here.

Having been in the pharmacy business for over 20+ years in Rochester, NY, our philosophy has always been about serving our customers well. It’s become even more important today given the complexity and confusion of prescriptions (brands, generics), insurances, coverage plans and co-pays. YourEdRx.com is a special program that was developed to address a growing need nationally.

A&J Pharmacy takes great pride in identifying opportunities to simplify the path for customers to better manage their health. We see ourselves as a ‘Consultative’ Pharmacy – one that is always keeping our clients informed and aware of best practices with regards to today’s healthcare challenges.

The YourEDrx.com program is intended to do just that:
• Being a safe source for your medicines
• Eliminating time/effort required of your doctor for insurance pre-qualification
• Offering some of the lowest and competitive prices nationally
• Being a ‘trusted’ partner for your ED needs

For more information or to order Sildenafil online, visit YourEDrx.com. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us through our website or give us a call.