For people who take multiple medicines, remembering what to take and when to take it can be tedious and aggravating. It’s easy to forget or confuse pills – and missing or mixing medications can have serious effects. Without a system in place, patients struggle with compliance, which leads to more hospital visits, the advancement of disease, more dependence on others, and a lowered quality of life. We’re proud to partner with Medicine-On-Time® (MOT), a medication management system that eliminates the time-consuming hassle of keeping track of multiple medications. With their simple, color-coded frames, medications are pre-packaged into the proper dosages and clearly labeled for easy, consistent compliance. With over 1 million patients served and more than 250 million prescriptions filled across the U.S., MOT is a proven, effective solution for medication management for 30+ years.

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How it Works

The Refill

One visit, all your prescriptions.

The Refill Icon

Instead of waiting in line at the prescription counter every time you run low on a medication, let your Medicine-On-Time® pharmacist synchronize all your refills and prepare one package, well in advance of you running out.

  • Quick, infrequent pharmacy trips
  • No more waiting in line for pills
  • All medications delivered together

The Calendar

Organized, color-coded convenience.

The Calendar Icon

You will receive your medications organized into color-coded calendar cards for an easy and reliable system. Remove a single dose, or take several with you for added convenience on the go.

Morning Lunch
Dinner Bedtime

The Dose Cup

The right dose, at the right time.

The Dose Cup Icon

Each dose cup loaded into your calendar card has been expertly prepared by your pharmacist. Your personal dose cup contains exactly the pills you need to take and is clearly labeled with the contents and the precise time to take them.

  • Detachable dose cups offer secure
    and convenient med packaging
  • Patient’s name is printed on every
    dose cup for easy identification
  • A list of contents is included on
    each cup to ensure accuracy
Doing it Yourself is Tough

Medicine-On-Time® Makes it Easy

  • + Accurate, manageable medication solution
  • + Decreased gaps in medication therapy
  • + Fewer hospital visits
  • + Infrequent pharmacy visits
  • + Maintained Independence
  • + Higher levels of care and connection
  • + Reduced burden on family and caregivers
  • + Lowered nursing home admission by 66%
  • + Improved quality of life
Medicine-On-Time Blister Packaging

Medicine-On-Time® Blister Pack Example