Having been in business for over 20+ years, our philosophy has always been about serving our customers well. It’s become even more important today given the complexity and confusion of prescriptions (brands, generics), insurances, coverage plans and co-pays. A&J Pharmacy takes great pride in our mission to help clients not only fill their prescriptions but to help them learn how to better manage their health. At A&J Pharmacy, we see ourselves as a ‘Consultative’ Pharmacy – one that is always keeping our clients informed and aware of best practices with regards to today’s healthcare challenges.

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What makes A&J Pharmacy a different type of pharmacy?

It is true. You can go to any pharmacy and have your prescription prepared. We see our customers as more than just someone picking up their medications. We take the time to understand the individual and their family. Each person is different and that reflects in our ability to individualize your experience. Our staff is devoted to ensuring that your experience is the best possible allowing you to focus on what is most important, to get better.

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